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Root Canal Treatment in Coimbatore

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal procedure are done if tooth is badly decayed or fractured. The procedure is needed in case if the tooth is left untreated the pain will get worse and the gum disease will spread to other teeth leading to more decay.

Do Root Canal Cause Pain ?

As GUGU DENTAL CLINICS provides you with latest technology in root canal procedures to ease your pain with root canal , RCT Treatment are the least pain full procedures than a tooth extraction.

What is the Time Take For Procedure?

Root canals can be done in single visit and usually do not take more than 1 hour and 30 minutes. In a situation when your tooth has severe pain or infected it may take 2- 3 sitting to complete your rct treatment procedure.

Why Should We prefer Root Canal Procedure that Removing a Tooth Which is  a Cheaper Option ?

Removal of tooth will not save you money, in case when you are planning for replacement of removed tooth with dental implant or dental bridges as these procedures costs you more than a endodontics treatment.

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