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Root Canal in Coimbatore | Tooth Canal

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  • Introduction: Root Canal in Coimbatore
  • What is RCT (Root Canal Treatment) treatment?
  • Does RCT treatment cause pain?
  • What is the time it takes for the RCT procedure or treatment?
  • Why should we prefer endodontic procedures to removing a tooth?
  • When is a RCT procedure required?
  • Symptoms of a potential need for RCT therapy include:
  • Molar Root Canal in Coimbatore
  • What to expect during RCT treatment?
  • After rct treatment
  • Benefits of RCT treatment
  • RCT Treatment Cost 
  • How to choose a dentist for RCT  treatment
  • Conclusion
  • Introduction: Root Canal in Coimbatore

    Our clinic specializes in offering patients affordable care and assisting them in regaining their oral health and maintaining a beautiful smile.

    Here is the guide if you are searching for complete road map about best RCT treatment or procedure in Coimbatore.

    At Gugu Dental Clinic, it is generally safe and effective, as we have experienced endodontic specialists.

    What is RCT treatment?

    This treatment is also called RCT treatment, endodontic treatment, or tooth canal treatment. This treatment is performed if a tooth is badly decayed or fractured. If the tooth is left untreated, the pain will get worse and the gum disease will spread to other teeth, leading to more decay.

    Does RCT treatment cause pain?

    As GUGU DENTAL CLINICS provides you with the latest technology in endodontic procedures to ease your pain with tooth canals, our endodontic specialists perform RCT treatments that cause the least painful procedures than a tooth extraction.

    What is the time it takes for the RCT procedure or treatment?

    The RCT procedure can be done in a single visit and usually does not take more than 1 hour and 30 minutes. In a situation where your tooth has severe pain or is infected, it may take 2–3 sittings to complete your RCT treatment procedure. We at Gugu provide customized solutions to help our patients.

    Why should we prefer endodontic procedures to removing a tooth?

    Removal of a tooth will not save you money if you are planning to replace the removed tooth with a dental implant or dental bridge, as these procedures cost you more than an endodontic treatment.

    When is an RCT procedure required?

    • If the tooth has a large cavity that extends into the pulp chamber, root canal therapy can be essential.
    • The tooth has a fracture or crack.
    • The tooth’s nerve has passed away.
    • Trauma or gum disease has caused the tooth to get infected.

    After a root canal, the tooth may become discolored, so teeth whitening may be necessary to restore its appearance.

    Symptoms of a potential need for RCT therapy include:

    • While biting or chewing, toothache.
    • Sensitivity for both cold and heat.
    • The gums surrounding the tooth are swollen and red.
    • A tooth that is stained or black.
    • An infected lump on the gums close to the tooth.

    If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to see a dentist to determine if root canal treatment is necessary.

    Molar Root Canal in Coimbatore

    A molar tooth that has gotten infected or damaged is treated with a molar tooth canal treatment. The dentist will clean and seal the root canals after removing the tooth’s infected or damaged pulp during the treatment.

    The person who performs a molar tooth canal is often a dentist or endodontist, a dentist who specializes in performing tooth canals and other endodontic procedures.

    Who is eligible for a molar root canal?

    • Having a molar tooth with a large cavity.
    • Being affected by a broken or chipped molar tooth.
    • Having a molar tooth with an unsuccessful prior root canal.
    • Being affected by a damaged or traumatized molar teeth.

    Symptoms of an infected or damaged molar tooth:

    • Toothache
    • sensitivity to cold and heat.
    • The gums surrounding the tooth are swollen.
    • Flow of fluid from the tooth.
    • Changing the color of the tooth

    Benefits of a molar root canal:

    • Reduces discomfort and inflammation.
    • Reduces the risk of infection spreading.
    • Prevents the tooth from being removed
    • Enables you to speak and chew normally.

    Make an appointment with your dentist or endodontist right away for a diagnosis and treatment if you think you might need a molar root canal.

    What to expect during tooth canal treatment?

    RCT  treatment is typically performed in two or more appointments.

    Book your appointment:

    • The dentist will numb the area around the tooth with a local anesthetic.
    • A small opening will be made in the top of the tooth to access the pulp chamber.
    • The dentist will use special instruments to remove the infected or damaged pulp from the tooth.
    • The tooth canal will be cleaned and shaped.
    • A temporary filling will be placed in the tooth.

    Second and subsequent appointments:

    • The dentist will remove the temporary filling and clean the root canal again.
    • The dentist will fill the tooth canal with a rubber-like material and then seal the tooth with a filling or crown.

    After root canal treatment

    You might feel some discomfort following RCT procedure, including tooth pain, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, and slight gum swelling and redness. The majority of the time, this discomfort is only temporary and may be treated with over-the-counter painkillers.

    After receiving root canal therapy, it’s crucial to carefully follow your dentist’s instructions. This can include avoiding from biting or chewing on the tooth that has been treated for a few days and using prescription painkillers to minimize the pain.

    Benefits of root canal treatment

    • A tooth that might normally require extraction may be saved.
    • It can ease tooth pain and other signs of an infected or broken tooth.
    • It can stop the tooth from getting infected again and getting damaged.
    • It could help in maintaining the tooth’s health.
    • It might make your smile look better.

    RCT Treatment Cost 

    The cost of RCT varies in Coimbatore depending on a wide range of factors, including the type of tooth being treated, the number of canals present, the complicated nature of the process, and the dentist’s expertise and education. 

    It is usually advisable to speak with your dentist in advance to obtain an accurate figure of the procedure’s cost.

    We at Gugu offer solutions for every individual, regardless of the type of pain or severity they have. Also, we customize the RCT treatment.

    Contact us at 95979 06838 to book your appointment at your convenience.

    Do you think that endodontic procedures are expensive?

    Here are some suggestions for seeking low-cost root canal procedures:

    • Request a recommendation from your dentist for an endodontist who specializes in RCT.
    • To find out if your plan covers RCT Tooth Procedure Cost, contact your insurance provider.
    • Look for dental clinics that provide payment plans.

    Additionally, it’s crucial to keep in mind that paying for a root canal is an investment in your oral health.

    RCT can help save a tooth that would otherwise need to be pulled and can also help stop additional tooth decay and infection.

    How to choose a dentist for RCT  treatment

    It’s crucial to take into account the following things while choosing a dentist for root canal therapy:

    • Root canal expertise and experience of the dentist
    • The dentist’s reputation
    • The dentist’s office location and hours of operation
    • Post-procedure care and guidance


    The best solution to Root Canal in Coimbatore is Gugu Dental Clinic, as we have highly trained professionals, modern technology, personalized care, and affordable prices.

    A tooth canal is a crucial dental procedure that can save a decayed or injured tooth and restore both its function and beauty. 

    Make an appointment with us right away by dialing 95979 06838 to speak with our root canal specialist if you’re having dental pain or require a tooth canal procedure or guidance.

    It is crucial to discuss the dangers and advantages of root canal therapy with your dentist if you’re thinking about getting one.