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Best Orthodontics Treatment in Coimbatore

What is Orthodontics?

Every people has a different tooth alignment. Most people have crooked teeth issues with the misaligned tooth, tooth gaps, abnormal position of teeth, and jaw line.
Orthodontics is a specialized process of dentistry dealing with the straightening of misaligned teeth or mal positioning of teeth and Jaws. The dentist who are specialized in orthodontics deals with the face correction, tooth alignment correction and jaw correction by suggesting different dental braces.

What is dental braces?

Dental braces are used by a dentist who treats orthodontics for different reasons. The major reasons are tooth alignment, face correction and jaw correction.

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At Gugu Dental Clinics, We have the best orthodontist in Coimbatore, we serve to correct your misaligned teeth and bring your dream straight beautiful smile in saibaba colony.

Types of braces treatment:

Metal  braces-they are economical but metal which is stick in the teeth is visible and to be followed by monthly reviews.

Ceramic braces:

Tooth colored braces which are esthetic .monthly reviews are needed

Self ligating braces:

These are hygienic comfortable does not need monthly review convenient visits can be done.as they have controlled speedy treatment less treatment duration .


Straight and aligned teeth improves confidence, covers gap between teeth helps tp prevent future dental problems.

Lingual braces:

They are same as conventional braces but are fixed to the back side of your teeth.


They are placed on the tongue side of your tooth which makes them invisible

Clear aligners:

These are invisible braces that’s straightens your teeth more comfortably faster than braces at affordable cost .clear aligners have customized treatment plan so individual cost may vary to obtain exact cost of your treatment. book an appointment with Gugu Dental Clinics.

  • More physically comfortable to wear
  • As the tray is clear people wont even know your wearing them you can still have your beautiful smile during the treatment time
  • These are removable orthodontic devices with minimal maintenance
  • No age restrictions clear aligners can provide you a beautiful smile at any age
  • Duration of treatment is very less than normal braces
  • Fewer doctor visits
  • Better oral hygiene maintenance

Why to Choose our Gugu Orthodontist?

Gugu dental clinic in Saibaba Colony , is known for proving best dental treatments in and around Coimbatore. we have a specialized dentistry for orthodontics who have more experience in the field of field of face correction and misaligned teeth by suggesting right braces to our patients. We have a good relationship with our patients by understanding their dental needs and resolving it without any pain. Most of our services are very cost effective and quality. so, it is the right place to choose us for your dental needs.