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Painless Dental implant Treatment in Coimbatore

What is Dental implants?

It is the process of replacing an artificial tooth in the place of a missing or damaged tooth. The implant procedure involves metal screws that are biocompatible with artificial ceramic teeth that match your natural teeth.

Why Dental implants?

If a person has one or more missing teeth, due to poor oral hygiene or accidents. They have to face various hurdles in their day-to-day lives. The main hurdle is that they lack confidence when they speak or smile. The secondary reason will be that they can’t eat hard foods. The missing tooth will change the structure of the face is also the main reason why people have to go for modern and painless tooth implants. By providing a replacement option, they can gain more confidence to speak, smile, and eat their favorite dishes. The facial structure will be better when the teeth are artificially fixed. 

Who can Choose dental implants

This treatment is mostly preferred only for adults over the age of 18. Most dentists won’t prefer this implant surgery for kids because the underlying bones are still growing. 

Types of dental Implants are:

  • Single tooth implant
  • Zygoma implant
  • All on four implants

Why dental implants at Gugu Dental Clinic?

At Gugu Dental Clinic in Saibaba Colony, we have an experienced dentist who specializes in painless dental implant treatments. So far, We have done Implant surgeries for thousands of happy faces. We prefer to give painless advanced treatments to our patients at an affordable cost. We strive hard to bring all the latest world-class and best dental implants treatments in Coimbatore.

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