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Taking care of your teeth(for kids):

It is important that your child regularly visits the dentist, not only to keep his or her teeth and gums healthy but also to develop good oral hygiene habits at an early age. But it is very normal for the majority of children to be afraid of going to the dentist. This fear can range from mild nervousness to being terrified in which case the child can scream and wail hysterically.

Reasons for being afraid:

There are many reasons for this fear, which is absolutely real in children. A fear of separation from the parent plays a major role in very young children, especially toddlers. Going to the dentist is involuntarily linked with going to the doctor or Pediatrician where they get vaccinations and have not so pleasant experiences. Sometimes, we as adults, inadvertently pass on our stories at the dentist to the child with words like pain, injection, sharp etc. Other times adults use it as a threat that the child will be taken to the dentist as a way to deter bad behavior. A friend of your child might have had a bad dental experience and in narrating the story has passed on the fear to your child. Past negative dental experiences are obviously a big reason for the child’s anxiety.

This anxiety should be addressed as soon as possible so that it does not hamper the child from receiving the necessary dental care.

A combination of the above reasons can make your child afraid about a dental clinic visit. But do not worry! Here are some easy and simple ways to allay your child’s fear and make sure that your child feels comfortable at the dentist.