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Best Cosmetic Dentistry in Coimbatore

Cosmetic Dentistry in Coimbatore
Cosmetic Dentistry in Coimbatore

Are you struggling with your smile? Don’t worry, we care for your smile. We at Gugu Dental Clinic have specialists who treat cosmetic dentistry in Coimbatore at an affordable cost.

Complete Roadmap for Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment in a Dental Clinic

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Consultation
  • Preparation
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment
  • Aesthetic Fillings
  • Smile Makeover Veneers 
  • Smile Correction Crowns
  • Smile Makeover Treatment : Teeth Whitening
  • Smile Correction: Gummy Smile
  • Tooth jewelry
  • Smile design
  • Recovery from the Treatment
  • Post-cosmetic dental treatment
  • Conclusion
  • Introduction

    At Gugu Dental Clinic, we offer a range of cosmetic dental treatments to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers, including the services we offer at our clinic.

    Cosmetic dentistry is a category of dentistry that aims to make smiles look better. Numerous operations can be carried out by cosmetic dentists to enhance the teeth’s color, shape, and alignment.

    Ask your cosmetic dentist or Smile makeover dentist at your consultation:

  • What training and expertise do you have in cosmetic dentistry procedures?
  • What medical choices do I have?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each available treatment?
  • What will the cost of the treatment be?
  • How long does recovery take?
  • What are the treatment’s long-term effects?
  • Preparation

    Preparing your teeth is essential before any cosmetic dental procedures. This could entail having a professional cleaning and examination performed, as well as having any cavities or other dental issues fixed.

    Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

    Your individual needs and goals will determine the precise therapy procedures you receive. The following are some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures:

    Teeth whitening

    This process is used to whiten teeth that have stains and discoloration.

    Dental veneers

    To make teeth look better, thin porcelain shells called veneers are attached to the front of the teeth.

    Composite Bonding

    A composite resin material is used during the bonding technique to fix teeth that are chipped, broken, or discolored.

    Dental Crowns

    To enhance a tooth’s look, strength, or functionality, crowns are caps that are placed over the teeth.

    Dental implants

    Artificial teeth called dental implants are used to fill up tooth gaps.

    Aesthetic Fillings

    White fillings, commonly referred to as aesthetic fillings, are a specific kind of dental repair created to blend in with the color of your teeth. They are used to restore teeth that have been affected by decay, cracking, or cracks and are made of composite material.

    Traditional metal fillings are less likely to cause the tooth around the filling to discolor, but aesthetic fillings are more noticeable. Additionally, they are stronger and have a longer lifespan.

    Benefits of Aesthetic Fillings:

  • Compared to conventional metal fillings, they have a more natural appearance.
  • They are less likely to result in tooth discoloration around the filling.

Aesthetic fillings might be a suitable choice for you if you’re trying to enhance the look of your smile

 Smile Makeover Veneers 

Thin, tooth-colored shells called smile makeover veneers are attached to the front of your teeth to make them look better.

They can be used to treat a number of dental issues, such as the following:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Short teeth

Veneers for smile Makeovers are a long-term treatment that, with regular maintenance, can last for many years. People who desire to enhance their smiles and gain more confidence frequently choose them.

Benefits of Smile Makeover Veneers:

  • They can significantly enhance the look of your smile.
  • They are enduring and have a long lifespan.
  • They support stains and require little maintenance.

If you’re thinking about getting veneers to improve your smile, talk to a licensed cosmetic dentist first to go through your options and make sure they’re correct for you.

Smile Correction Crowns

Dental crowns, commonly referred to as smile correction crowns, are a type of dental treatment that completely encases the tooth.

Several materials, including porcelain, metal, and zirconia, are used to create them.

The appearance and functionality of teeth that have been harmed by decay, chips, cracks, or discoloration can be improved with smile correction crowns.

  • Additionally, bridges and dental implants can be covered with crowns. Crowns can occasionally be used to alter the size or contour of a tooth.
  • Crowns for smile repair are a dependable and long-lasting treatment for numerous dental issues. They can greatly enhance the look of your grin and give you more self-assurance.

Benefits of Smile Correction Crowns:

  • They can help damaged teeth look better and perform better.
  • They can protect a dental implant or support a bridge.
  • They have the power to alter a tooth’s size or shape.
  • They last a very long time and are strong.

Teeth Whitening

Bleaching, sometimes referred to as teeth whitening, is a cosmetic dental operation that changes the shade of your teeth. One of the most well-liked cosmetic dental operations can be completed by a dentist or at home.

Learn more about teeth-whitening treatments and their benefits here.

Smile Correction: Gummy Smile

Some common smile correction procedures for a gummy smile include:

  • Gingivectomy:In this surgical operation, extra gum tissue is removed.

Lip repositioning surgery

The upper lip is moved during this surgical treatment so that it doesn’t show as much gum tissue when you smile.

Orthodontic treatment

If your gummy smile is brought on by misplaced teeth, this might be a possibility.

Botox injections

  • By relaxing the muscles in the upper lip, these injections can lessen the amount of gum tissue that is visible when you smile.

The specific reason for your gummy smile and the outcomes you want will determine the best course of action for you. It is crucial to examine your options and make sure you select the best course of action with a trained dentist or orthodontist.

Tooth jewelry

Tooth jewelry, also known as dental jewelry, is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves attaching decorative pieces to teeth. It is a popular way to add a touch of sparkle and personality to your smile.

There are different types of tooth jewelry available, including:

Tooth gems

These are small stones or crystals that are bonded to teeth using a dental adhesive. Tooth gems are the most popular type of tooth jewelry and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.


  • Grillz are metal caps that cover the front teeth. They are often made from gold or silver and can be decorated with diamonds or other gemstones.

Dental tattoos

Dental tattoos are temporary designs that are applied to teeth using a special ink. They can be anything from simple geometric shapes to complex works of art.

Tooth jewelry is a safe and effective procedure, but it is important to have it done by a qualified dentist. Tooth jewelry can damage your teeth if it is not applied correctly.

Smile Makeover in Coimbatore

Smile Makeover in Coimbatore can be used to address a variety of dental problems, such as:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Worn-down teeth

Recovery from the Treatment

Depending on the exact operations you have in cosmetic dentistry and Smile Makeover, there are different recuperation times.

Some procedures, like tooth whitening, can be completed in just one visit. Other procedures, like dental implants, could necessitate multiple appointments spread out over several months.

Post-cosmetic dental treatment

It’s crucial to carefully follow your dentist’s advice after receiving cosmetic dental treatment to preserve your new smile. This may entail using mouthwash, maintaining a balanced diet, and frequently brushing and flossing your teeth.

  • visit your dentist for cleanings and dental follow up every 3-6 months.
  • Taking good daily oral health habits at home with regular brushing and flossing.
  • Avoid certain mouthwashes as they can damage the bond used to hold dental veneers, fillings, and crowns.
  • Avoid eating hard, sticky substances or chewing on ice which can damage certain tooth restorations.

The following advice can help you choose a cosmetic and Smile Makeover dentist:

  • Ask for recommendations from your relatives and friends.
  • Make sure the dentist is someone you trust and who you feel at ease around.
  • Find a dentist in your location. We Gugu Dental Clinic located in coimbatore.


At Gugu, we offer cosmetic dentistry in Coimbatore and smile makeover treatments to make your smile look better.

Selecting a licensed and skilled dentist is crucial if you’re thinking about cosmetic dentistry treatment.

To arrange a consultation and start the journey to your ideal smile, get in touch with us right away.

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